Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scales

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CCT 4M Capacity : 4kg Readability : 1g
CCT 4 Capacity : 4kg Readability : 0.1g
CCT 8M Capacity : 8.0kg Readability : 2g
CCT 20M Capacity : 20kg Readability : 5g
CCT 8 Capacity : 8kg Readability : 0.2g
CCT 40M Capacity : 40kg Readability : 0.01kg
CCT 16 Capacity : 16kg Readability : 0.5g
CCT 32 Capacity : 32kg Readability : 1g
CCT 48 Capacity : 48kg Readability : 2g
CCT 8UH Capacity : 8kg Readability : 0.05g
CCT 16UH Capacity : 16kg Readability : 0.1g
CCT 32UH Capacity : 32kg Readability : 0.2g
CCT 48UH Capacity : 48kg Readability : 0.5g
The CCT offers intelligent functions that are practical for shipping and receiving, warehouse use, and production facilities. Help reduce waste by using the CCT to quickly check the number of pieces in a container. Intuitive software keeps track of the count and optimises the unit weight.