AGB and AGF Bench and Floor Scales

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AGB 15M Capacity : 15kg Readability : 5g
AGF 60M Capacity : 60kg Readability : 0.02kg
AGF 150M Capacity : 150kg Readability : 0.05kg
AGB 16 Capacity : 16kg Readability : 0.5g
AGB 35 Capacity : 35kg Readability : 1g
AGF 300M Capacity : 300kg Readability : 0.1kg
AGB 70 Capacity : 70kg Readability : 2g
AGF 150 Capacity : 150kg Readability : 5g
AGF 300 Capacity : 300kg Readability : 0.01kg
AGF 600 Capacity : 600kg Readability : 0.02kg
AGB 6M Readability : 2g
AGB 8 Capacity : 8kg Readability : 0.1g
Versatile and easy to operate, AGB and AGF scales are well-suited for use in warehouses, shipping and receiving areas, factories and production facilities. The scales offer capacities from 8kg to 600kg and perform a variety of weighing and counting tasks. Featuring an internal rechargeable battery, the AGB/AGF can be used in locations where power is unavailable.