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    Hard carrying case with lock-302013912302013912
    Hard carrying case with lock-308002042308002042
    Hard carrying case with lock for CPWplus-700100099700100099
    Hard carrying case with lock-30020143713002014371
    Hard carrying case with lock-302000001302000001
    AIP impact printer-11200146411120014641
    AIP printer paper-31260146593126014659
    AIP printer paper (10 Pack)-31260146603126014660
    ATP 2 Thermal Printer-11200157791120015779
    ATP thermal printer paper-31260112633126011263
    ATP thermal printer paper (pack of 10)-31260112813126011281
    Anti-vibration table-104008036104008036
    Mild Steel Ramp - PT 10R 1000mm wide-700100199700100199
    Mild Steel Ramp - PT 12R 1200mm wide-700100200700100200
    AdamDU Data Collection Program-600002028600002028
    In-use cover (pack of 5)-20200140622020014062
    In-use wet cover (pack of 20)-303200003303200003
    In-use wet cover (pack of 5)-308232036308232036
    Non-slip rubber mat (CPWplus L only)-700200059700200059
    In-use cover (pack of 5)-700200063700200063
    Calibration certificate-700660290700660290
    Labels - 800 per roll-400005615400005615
    AE 403 in use wet cover-31020146533102014653
    In-use cover (pack of 10)-20200139142020013914
    Dust cover for 0.1mg balances-30123130073012313007
    In-use wet cover for 4.73012013010
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-305200002305200002
    Vegetable Scoop (complete with fitting to scales)-303149759303149759
    In-use wet cover (pack of 5)-308232034308232034
    Rechargeable battery option-20200139162020013916
    In-use cover-700200056700200056
    In-use wet cover (pack of 5)-700200057700200057
    In-use wet cover (pack of 5)-700230021700230021
    RS-232 to USB adapter-30740105073074010507
    Hard carrying case with lock-700100211700100211
    In-use wet cover-30520105263052010526
    In-use wet cover-30120142603012014260
    Weigh-below hook-30212109533021210953
    RS-232 Cable to ATP Printer 1.5m (factory fitted)-31340129413134012941
    Calibration certificate-700660288700660288
    In-use wet cover (pack of 5)-305200001305200001
    In-use wet cover-301207077301207077
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-308232035308232035
    Casters / wheels (set of 4)-700200107700200107
    Density kit-10600142621060014262
    Weigh-below hook (factory fitted)-202000001202000001
    Rear Display (factory fitted)-20200107552020010755
    In-use wet cover-308232030308232030
    Calibration weight tweezer small-700200106700200106
    Dust cover-301000001301000001
    Density kit for 0.0001g-10600127131060012713
    RS-232 cable-30740102663074010266
    USB option (type B)-20200139152020013915
    USB Cable A to A-30140162173014016217
    In-use wet cover-308232033308232033
    In-use cover (pack of 10)-700200064700200064
    6VDC 200mA adapter-700400120700400120
    Temperature calibration kit-10700106361070010636
    In-use wet cover-30220139113022013911
    In-use wet cover for 3.53012013009
    Dust cover for 0.01g and 0.001g-30123130083012313008
    In-use wet cover for PMB-301208188301208188
    Confectionery Scoop (complete with fitting to scales)-303149760303149760
    Indicator stand-20500133512050013351
    USB cable-30740102673074010267
    RS-232 cable-700400103700400103
    Light tower kit including relay box-30040132143004013214
    In-use wet cover-30120142593012014259
    Relay box-11000112971100011297
    ABI-1 Ionizer-700100410700100410
    RS-232 Cable to 9pin D connector 1.5m (factory fitted)-31340129363134012936
    Dust cover-301007078301007078
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-700230022700230022
    Weight set-700100225700100225
    In-use wet cover-700230015700230015
    Security lock and cable-700100046700100046
    Rechargeable Battery Pack-20100127122010012712
    In-use wet cover-302205006302205006
    Medium scoop (complete with fitting to scales)-303147961303147961
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-303200002303200002
    In-use wet cover for 15.73012013012
    Calibration certificate-700660289700660289
    RS-232 cable M-F-30140110143014011014
    In-use wet cover-303209190303209190
    In-use wet cover-700230020700230020
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-308232037308232037
    Large scoop (complete with fitting to scales)-303147959303147959
    Density kit for 0.001g-10600127141060012714
    In-use cover (pack of 5)-20200139132020013913
    In-use wet cover (pack of 10)-700200058700200058
    Calibration weight tweezer large-700200105700200105
    Small scoop (complete with fitting to scales)-303147960303147960
    In-use cover (pack of 10)-20200140632020014063
    Density kit for 0.001g models only-106007453106007453
    RS-232 cable (factory fitted)-31040128893104012889
    Pillar option (factory fitted)-20100127412010012741
    In-use wet cover-31023116193102311619