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Adam Equipment By Industry

With more than 50 years of experience with weighing devices, Adam Equipment serves professionals in a wide
array of industries. Click on the industries below to see how our scales and balances can benefit you
in each of those categories and learn more about each industry.


While farming is a big part of the industry, agriculture also includes soil cultivation and the raising of livestock for products such as food and wool. The types of scales used in agriculture are as varied as the industry itself.


Science classrooms depend on scales and balances for everything from basic lessons on mass using a triple beam balance to advanced experiments at the university level with analytical and precision balances.

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and commercial demands often subject equipment like scales to harsh environments. Scales used in factories, production facilities and warehouses need to be not only robust, but often intuitive and relatively simple to operate with minimal training.

Food & Beverage

Durable, IP-rated and food-grade weighing scales delivering speed, performance and value for industry professionals.

Health & Fitness

Scales play a significant role in overall health, whether it’s tracking a person’s weight and Body Mass Index or portion control for meals. Body weight also can be a factor in dosing medication.


For most jewellery applications, weighing devices must be trade-approved (or legal-for-trade), meaning they can legally be used to set prices based on weight.


Lab balances are among the most complex weighing devices available, with options ranging from simpler, portable compact balances up to more advanced analytical and semi-micro balances.

Materials Testing

Materials testing includes a wide range of applications to examine composition, physical structure and chemical properties. For construction applications, materials testing ensures the strength and durability of construction materials for safety.


Because they’re used to set prices by weight, scales used in retail – whether it’s in a shop, a delicatessen, a fishmonger or a farmers market – must be trade-approved.


Veterinary scales may be used not only in a veterinarian’s office, but can also be found at zoos and wildlife preserves. In addition to recording an animal’s weight, a veterinary scale can help determine how much food is appropriate for it or to help diagnose health issues.